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Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Edinburgh, UK | 2023

"A searing hot, poetically rampant, and infinitely chaotic potpourri attack on modern life in Britain" - BINGE FRINGE ★★★★★

"Doubled over with pain; and shot through with hilarity...a glorious treat" - BROADWAY BABY ★★★★★

"Uncompromising socio-political awareness and a clever approach to engaging new audiences" - BROADWAY WORLD ★★★★★

"A brilliant brain fart of cutting once tense and painful as well as hilariously witty" - TIMEOUT ★★★★

Host is going to work again.

Front of house, mixologist, cloakroom guardian, finsta meme exec, human signpost, agent provocateur, toilet pointer, TikTok darling – it’s giving range. Hospitality agency work is never as stunning as we want it to be but this shift is particularly deranged.

High-profile, secret-cult, Brexit-revenge, dark-web, Birkin-handbag-prices, trial-of-David-Cameron level deranged.

And to make matters worse, we’re not allowed to talk about it. Ever.

Published by Polari Press Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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